Adhere to our privilege program and reward yourself! Become a member today. It’s easy and free.

At Contant, you get points on most of your purchases! Cumulate your points and use them by blocks of $25 applicable on all products and services in store up to your total purchase amount before taxes*.

2 easy ways to cumulate points:

1) You get 10 points for each dollar spent on most of your transactions: parts, service, clothing, accessories, storage and vehicle rental.

2) You also get bonus points when :

  • a. You submit a Google review
  • b. You submit a Facebook review
  • c. You fill out a BRP survey
  • d. You enter a contest
  • e. You refer a new customer to Contant**

Get even more…

As a member of our privilege program, you can benefit from:

  • - Discounts with every $25.
  • - Bonus points and special offers.
  • - And much more !

Furthermore, every month, you will receive by email a statement regarding your card’s usage, the total amount of your points, as well as the rewards and special offers at your disposal. You will therefore be well informed of all the opportunities being offered to you! The CONTANT privilege program gives you all the advantages you deserve in an easy way.

Become a member today… It’s free! Get in touch with your representative to get your privilege card.

* Excluding new and used units, trailers, subcontracting services or repair work under warranty or paid by the insurance company.

** Cannot be combined to another referral offer.
*** Points expire if the account is inactive for 24 consecutive months.

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The privilege program is subject to change without notice.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All right reserved.® TM and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Our rental service allows you to rent a vehicle prior to buying it, thus making a choice whether you’re ready or not to buy one of our new Spyder roadster in stock. Furthermore, upon purchasing a Spyder roadster, we will subtract the equivalent of a one-day rental from the purchase price, minus the $30 insurance fee.